Australians love their trees. From the backyard tree great to climb as a kid, to the row of fruit trees carefully tended across our suburbs. Yet if you live in a neighbourhood that has overhead power lines, unfortunately a beautiful tree growing in the street can quickly become a danger to residents, property, and the power supply to your home.

The pruning of trees around power lines is a dangerous job. When you are unsure if your trees are too close to a power line, don’t put yourself in danger, call Dixon Trees right away. Our fully certified arborists can measure, quote and undertake any pruning needed to keep your trees safe to enjoy.


What Are the Dangers?

Unless you work with power providers, telecommunications, or are a civil engineer, it is likely that you can tell at a glance an insulated cable from a 500,000 volt power line. The safe distances for a tree to grow, and for workers to operate, can vary dramatically between types of electricity lines. Most residential street power lines require trees pruned 1m away from cables, plus additional growing room that depends on the tree variety and soils available.

When our expert arborists prune your street tree, they factor in a range of risks, including likelihood of branches to fall in storms, slack of powerlines as the metal heats or cools, or if wind could blow lines and branches into contact.

Working near power lines is strictly controlled. For normal workers or domestic maintenance, any tool, worker or equipment is not permitted within 3m of a power line. If you think your tree needs pruning, don’t put your life at risk, Dixon Trees are ready to help.



If you have a tree that is planted near or under a power line, you will likely need to organise pruning at some point in the future to minimise risk. Our arborists at Dixons Trees can assist with pruning or removal of your risky trees.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a delicate job if you are looking to maintain the health and wellbeing of your tree. Any cuts into the bark of your tree leaves it vulnerable to pests or disease. Our team will carefully consider each cut, making sure to minimise bark stripping, and reduce recovery time to ensure long tree lifespans.

Large Tree Removal

Should there be no other option, Dixon Trees can safely remove your tree, grind the stump and leave your yard looking clean and tidy. If you need us to remove a beautiful tree, why not ask our arborists about sites more suitable for replacement planting?


Contact Us For Large Tree Removal and Pruning

Whether you have a tree than is just a little too close to a powerline, need a large tree removed from your yard, or just want expert help pruning trees around the garden, call Dixons Trees today. We have been providing pruning and tree removal services across Sydney for nearly a decade, experience our reputation for professional service, fair quotes and expert workmanship on your job.


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