Truck, Chainsaw and Digger licences for the up-and-coming Dixons team members

Exciting news for all the little arborists out there – we now have FREE downloadable licences available on our website. Your child can now proudly display their own Dixons truck, chainsaw or digger licence to help make their playtime extra special.

We know how many of you have little ones who love watching when the teams come onsite to bring down a tree, or just have to point out our trucks or diggers when we drive past. Now they can be part of the team!

Choose which type of licence you want and get ready to print it out. You can add a photo and your child’s name to it. Laminate it or pop it into a lanyard and ID protector to make it even more official.

If your child gets one, we’d love you to share it with us on our social pages (@dixonstrees). We can’t wait to see the next generation of arborists in the making!


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