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Backyard or front, in most Australian properties you can find a couple of trees happily growing year after year. Should a time come where you need to intervene with your tree’s growth, pruning a tree can be more of a precise surgery than a bark-themed slasher film. But what makes tree pruning such a delicate process?


Benefits of Tree Pruning:

Trees aren’t just made of wood. Well they are, but there are different types. Branches exit the trunk of the tree by piercing through the outer bark and first layers called the phloem and cambium. Think of these layers as the ‘tree skin’, and just like your skin, it is important how and when we damage these layers. When we prune a tree, our goal is to remove the branch without damaging the ‘tree skin’, because these are where the tree healing will begin.

Poor pruning is an easy mistake to make, with incorrect cutting technique hazardous to tree health. Pruning is about minimising the amount of a tree’s inner wood exposed to rot, insects and disease. If too much of the ‘tree skin’ is removed, it can take may years for the tree to seal the cut. Worse, if the bark is stripped away as the branch falls, a large wound can be created that leaves the health of the tree vulnerable for a long time.

When done well, tree pruning is an important part of keeping your yard tidy, your trees healthy, and your family safe from falling branches. But when is pruning the best solution? At Dixon’s Trees, we recommend tree pruning regularly to help:

  • Remove diseased limbs
  • Stop pest problems spreading
  • Reduce weight, or rectify top heavy trees
  • Regain natural shape
  • Allow sunlight through
  • Avoid overhanging power lines or your home

Regular pruning is the best way to ensure a long, healthy life for your property’s trees, but sometimes tree pruning is best left to the experts.

Why Us?

At Dixon’s Trees, we have been helping residents, businesses and Councils of the Blue Mountains area maintain their beautiful trees for over a decade (or 6 years).

Professional crew

Our crew is hand-picked for experience, professionalism, and friendly service. As experts in all tree pruning, removal or stump grinding services, no tree is too big, small, or difficult to reach. We are equipped, prepared and ready to deal with any tree services you need.

Prompt Service and Quotes

The core of our business model is efficient, professional service, and competitive pricing. We have built a reputation in the Blue Mountains for prompt response to quote requests, and timely delivery of services. Our team do everything we can to leave your property looking neat and tidy after every job.

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If you have a tree that you believe might need some professional pruning, call Dixon’s Trees today. Our team of professional arborists can make an assessment, and help you find the right tree pruning solution to keep your trees healthy, happy and beautiful for many years to come.


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