Dixons recently held an Instagram competition for Earth Day to win a Habitech Habitat box with free installation by one of our arborists. Our lucky winner had it installed recently in Faulconbridge and took some fantatstic images of the process!

Habitech nest boxes are constructed from recyclable moulded UV-stabilised polypropylene and was developed to combat the issue of timber nest boxes (poor thermal performance and short life span). The modular Habitech nest box system can be configured for a wide range of hollow dependent fauna including birds, bats, gliders, possums and reptiles.

These habitat boxes were created by Habitat Innovation & Management, an Australian company with a team of Ecologists pushing the boundaries of traditional environmental management.

Dixons commitment to providing environmentally conscious tree management solutions has prompted the focus and importance of retaining and establishing innovative nest boxes that provide shelter for our native fauna.

It is estimated that 300 native, birds, mammals and amphibians use tree hollows in Australia. In NSW alone, up to 40 species that require habitat hallows are listed as threatened species.

Our climber Zach scaled the tree pulling up the habitat box behind him and installed the structure to a large Liquidambar. Leaving behind half a banana to attract the local wildlife, the box will now be a warm home for many years to come.

Habitat box 2
Habitat box 3
Habitat box 4
Habitat box 5
Habitat box 6


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