Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of tree removal is an unsightly view of the stump it once grew from. If you’ve ever had a tree removed, you’ll know that cutting the tree down and mulching the waste is the easy part. When it comes to the remaining stump, you may be dealing with a tricky project. 

Tree stumps can be potentially hazardous, so it’s a good idea to consider processes in which your stump can be removed. These include rotting, burning, and the most time-effective option; stump grinding.

Here’s an overview of the stump grinding process, and a few of its key advantages when it comes to your home, time and budget.

 What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is an action often required to remove stumps; otherwise known as unwanted obstacles or food for termites or other insects, from your property. During the process, specialised grinding equipment is used to grind or ‘chew’ into a stump, turning it into woodchips.

While there are other methods of stump removal (including rotting or burning), grinding is the most efficient and effective method. By shaving the stump’s core layer by layer, the machinery operator is able to trace its roots deep underground and potentially prevent regrowth or remaining fragments from resurfacing.

What are the pros and cons of stump grinding?

An advantage of stump grinding over removal is that after a stump has been ground, it will eventually mix in with surrounding soil – and may help you avoid using filler to cover the spot where the stump once was.

Stump grinding is also an extremely time-effective process. If you were to opt for the rotting process, this could take months – whereas stump grinding will be a much shorter task for an industrial team. It’ll also leave less mess in comparison to rotted stump remains. Burning is a similarly long process, as it is only available to households for certain months of the year – or may not even be permitted or recommended in your area.

A final advantage of stump grinding is its efficiency in protecting your property from potential disease or pests. Tree stumps could be harbouring many undesirable pests, as insects such as termites are particularly known for burrowing in them. Removing the stump through grinding can not only prevent potential pest infestations, but can limit the stumps’ chances of retaining any sort of tree disease – and as such, will limit the possibility of tree disease spreading to healthy nearby trees.

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