As the seasons change and winter howls on, many of us plan for cozy winter nights, warming soups and quality family time. However, with the colder temperatures, the Sydney metropolitan area is also known for experiencing wild winter storms, as we have seen recently. While you are in the warmth of your home, the trees in your backyard or front verge are exposed to high winds and rain, and can become damaged.

If the trees on your property have been damaged by stormy weather, call the expert arborists at Dixons Trees for efficient, professional post storm tree care.

What Damage Can Be Done to Your Trees?

When a storm hits Sydney, it often brings strong winds and heavy rainfall. The main limbs and branches of your trees are tough and flexible, but every tree has its breaking point.

When you inspect your property after a storm, be sure to check for partially broken branches, torn bark, structural cracks in the trunk or limbs, or roots that may have been lifted from the water-saturated ground.

First Steps for Post Storm Tree Damage

At Dixon Trees, our reputation is built on prompt, professional service that you can trust. Yet no matter how efficient our team is, we can’t provide tree services to every Sydney home the morning after a storm. So, we have created the following list of DIY storm repair steps you can do while we are on our way.


Be Careful

Firstly, no tree repairs are worth an injury, or even a fatality to you or your family. Make sure to look up and down before getting close to your damaged trees. Tree branches touching powerlines can carry electrical current, broken off branches may be caught in upper limbs, or tripping hazards can be hidden in the mess. If you are unsure of the safety of your tree, leave it to our experts! And please remember, never walk under broken branches, limbs or powerlines.


Tree Pruning on Broken Branches (Don’t Over Prune)

Once you have established it is safe, pruning minor branches that are damaged is a great way to begin the clean up yourself. Remember when pruning branches, cutting flush with the trunk or join can cause future health problems. Cut above the bulge found below the branch joint, to minimise tree recovery time.


Smooth Three Wounds, But Be Careful Not to Overdo it

When branches break in high weather, often bark is stripped away from the healthy portions of the tree. Jagged edges of broken bark are brilliant homes for pests, and exposed inner layers are vulnerable to disease. Take a sharp knife or chisel and lightly tidy the torn bark on healthy tree limbs, but please remember that less is more with bark removal.


Contact a Professional for Post Storm Tree Services in Sydney

If your home has been lashed with wild weather, of you simply want to talk to an expert about maintenance and the health of your trees, call the friendly team at Dixons Trees today. Our arborists are fully certified professionals in all things tree health, and are ready to help with any pruning, tree removal or stump grinding services you may require. We even take the time to tidy your yard before we leave!




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