Are you looking to hire a trustworthy tree removal company in Sydney? You might need to remove a large tree from your property for several reasons including storm damage, tree disease or extension.

Removing or lopping trees is a dangerous business and you need to make sure that the tree removal company is reliable and professional. In many cases, it is all about preserving your property and finishing the job safely without complications. There are several important things you need to know before deciding who to hire for your arborist project. 

Large Tree Removal Safety and Insurance

First thing you need to do when considering hiring a tree removal company is to check if it and its crew have the necessary certificates and licenses. The business must be fully qualified and insured.

Make sure that the company has appropriate insurance policies, the most important and comprehensive being the General Liability Insurance. Check if the company owns the equipment or needs to hire. It will give you a hint about their professionalism.Owned and well-maintained machinery speaks a lot about the seriousness of the business.

If you have concerns, do not hesitate to ask questions. An experienced arborist company will not struggle to explain what measures will be taken to keep your property and their crew safe.

Get a Quotation and Ask for a Contract

A professional company will get back to you promptly with a written quotation outlining all the elements of the job. Price will depend on tree type, tree size, location, accessibility and after-removal services. When requesting an estimate, make clear what services you need, including if you want your removed tree to be chipped and the stump grinded. Do not accept quotations over the phone or online without following written confirmation in an official letter.

You must be provided with a work contract detailing the agreed job and exactly how much will cost together with the time for execution.

Credentials, Reviews and Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is the best way to make sure you are contracting the right tree removal Sydney provider. Previous clients will be able to tell you how the arborist company left their home after the job was done; was it neat and tidy or they left a messbehind? Was the work completed within a budget? How promptly did the crew finish the project?

If you are unable to obtain an opinion, you might find online reviews of the company. Google reviews are perceived as accurate and authentic because people need to be logged-in to their accounts to publish them. Thus, they stand behind their words and share personal experiences. These reviews can give additional insight about the company and help make your decision. The same is true for reviews posted on social media platforms.

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