used about which chainsaw to buy for home??

With 15 years of industry experience under our belt, Dixons boasts extensive knowledge of chainsaws. Over time, we’ve honed our understanding of what makes a chainsaw truly outstanding.

For homeowners contemplating a chainsaw purchase, the extensive variety can be overwhelming. Walk into a store, and you’re confronted with endless options, each with its own size and price tag. So, how do you decide? As a homeowner, you’ll want to consider the tree related tasks you’ll likely face on your property.

Perhaps it’s trimming low-hanging branches or tackling pruning jobs too challenging for a handsaw.
Maybe you’ll be cutting up firewood with colder weather approaching or removing a small tree from
your yard. Whilst the scope of work can vary, one thing is clear, as a homeowner your chainsaw needn’t be overly large.

So, what’s our pick? In recent years, the Stihl battery-powered 161T has become a favourite both in the field and at home. Gone are the days of fuel-related frustrations or engine troubles. This saw effortlessly handles diameters up to 300mm, big enough to tackle most around the home tree jobs.

Why opt for a battery chainsaw? Firstly, the absence of fuel simplifies operation. In addition, battery- powered models emit relatively low noise and eliminate the need for strenuous pull starting.

Adding an electric saw to your home toolkit is a wise investment. While it may entail a slightly higher
initial cost due to the necessity of purchasing a battery and charger, this upfront expense paves the way for acquiring other Stihl outdoor tools powered by the same battery system.

Going electric is the superior choice. It’s not a cheap hardware store saw destined to fail within a year or an underperforming budget electric saw. This chainsaw will tackle any task effortlessly year after year, offering unparalleled quality, reliability, serviceability, and performance. Priced at $799 for the chainsaw alone, or $1300 for the saw, charger, and battery package, it’s an investment worth every penny.




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