As you spend more time indoors and less time outside in winter, it is easy to forget about your garden. However, this neglect can become hazardous as trees can be put through tougher conditions in winter which affect their structural integrity. Winter is also the best time of the year to prune your garden and prepare it for spring. Dixons Trees can help your garden flourish and protect your property from damage caused by trees.

Winter is the best time for pruning or removing trees

Winter is the optimal time of year to prune your trees as it helps them prepare for spring. Pruning opens up the tree canopy to provide more sunshine and airflow in your garden, reduces the density of the tree which stimulates new growth and it improves the overall look of your tree.

Winter tree care reduces damage

Summer storms can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your trees, making them hazardous in winter. If your trees are pruned and assessed on your property at the beginning of winter, then you are in a much safer position as your tree specialist from Dixon Trees can check to see if any damage was caused in summer and decide what can be done to fix your trees before winter.

In winter there is an increased risk of deadwood or dying branches falling down and damaging property, fences or other plants and trees in harsh conditions because of these summer storms. It is important to have a professional assess and maintain your trees, especially around structures as storms can cause trees to crack and branches to bend which weakens the structural integrity of the tree. High winds can also cause trees to rock, which can even cause roots to severe. These root problems can sometimes be detected by signs of wilting or if the tree is on a lean. However, not all tree issues and risks are visible and that is why you must seek consultation from Dixons Trees to ensure your trees are healthy and put your mind at ease. It is also important to remember that not all defective trees are dangerous and do not need to be removed immediately if they are treated. This can prolong the life of the tree and save you money.

Why choose Dixons Trees?

Get on top of your outdoor area and stop your trees from becoming damaged and creating a hazard by getting in touch with Dixons Trees. Let them take the work, stress and hassle out of pruning and removing trees on your commercial land or backyard. Sydney tree removal business Dixons Trees will help create a safer and well-pruned outdoor environment for you. Whether it is a large or small job, there experience and professionalism will make the whole process simple and easy for you. To get in touch with Dixons Trees today call them on 1300 312 326 or email them at


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