In the same way that plants require sunlight to grow, trees need access to the sun for nutrients.

Why is Sunlight Essential?

Photosynthesis is a process where organisms can create nutrients for themselves through transforming energy from the sun into chemical energy. Sunlight is a key part of photosynthesis – and as trees perform photosynthesis to feed themselves, they require access to sunlight. It is indisputable that sunlight plays an essential role in the garden – without it, trees wouldn’t survive!

Plan Before You Plant!

Without sunlight, trees will die. If they aren’t flowering but are showing yellow or dead leaves, whilst also bending towards the light, they’re in the process of dying from starvation already. On the other hand, trees can also die from too much sunlight, in which case their bark will be damaged, and their leaves will be burnt. To avoid that, planning where you plant your trees is essential.

Different Trees Have Different Needs

Not all trees are alike – the species of tree dictates the amount of sunlight a tree requires. The classifications are as below:

Full shade trees require limited exposure to the sun: only three hours a day. No tree can thrive in complete darkness, but they will grow in shades yards and sides of homes.

  • Partial shade trees require slightly more: three to six hours a day. Direct or extreme sun will burn and damage them.
  • Dappled shade trees require indirect sun, preferably through filtering of some sort, often through another tree’s leaves.
  • Partial sun trees, not to be confused with partial shade trees, require approximately four to six hours of sunlight a day.
  • Full sun trees require the most exposure of direct sunlight, with at least six hours a day.


Mapping Sunlight in Your Garden

Before you choose a tree, you’ll need to identify the amount of sunlight in your garden. Every hour, from sunrise to sunset, make a note of whether your garden is experiencing full sun, partial shade, filtered/dappled sun, or full shade. Filtered/dappled sun occurs when the sun shines through the surroundings, exposing plants to enough sunlight for growth but not so much that they experience damage.

Whilst it is a lengthy procedure, you will be better educated about your garden and which trees will be suitable for planting.

Let Us Help!

Selecting an ideal tree for your yard involves taking your needs and situation into consideration. Every space and tree are different and as such, it is best to consult an expert. If you have any questions about this article and which trees you should use, contact Dixons Trees. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be happy to assist.

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